Is Hunting Waterfowl in Flooded Corn Fair Chase? – Wildfowl

We discuss whether this tactic is just a competitive advantage or if it’s killing our sport. – Wildfowl

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  1. John Oberle says:

    What is the difference between dumping a tractor trailer of corn (1000 bushels) and leaving and flooding 30 acres (6000 bushels) of standing corn to hunt over. The desired results will be the same and neither are very ethical. This practice of “hot cropping” has and will continue to stop the southern migration of waterfowl. Biologist say the weather (freezing cold and snow) forces the ducks further south, but when was the last snow fall that buried standing corn in Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee. I equate this to a landowner damming all the water running through his property and leaving very little natural resource for his neighbors below him.

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