Flyway Federation meeting with Congressman Ralph Abraham 4/15/2019

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  1. Gregory Sanamo says:

    I am from south Louisiana and I have been hunting all my life, mainly in Lafourche Parish. DU has always reigned supreme in this area but has done nothing for this area’s waterfowl decline. I would be interested in learning more about your organize and plans for the future. Thank you.

  2. JOSEPH DOIRON says:

    Just saw a recent video of Tony Vandemore of Habitat flats planting his guide services land with corn to be flooded in MISSOURI , And he has the grand on the MISSOURI river . with 3000 acres of flooded corn , Fred Zink of avian x also plants corn to be flooded for ducks , that is just two of probably thousands that are flooding corn for this purpose . You can imagine the hundreds of thousands of mallards that have been groomed to no longer migrate south . And add no till planting that is a implemented farming practice up north . In the south everything that is harvested is plowed under . when the geese arrive there is dirt awaiting there arrival . The only thing there is , is ricefields that have been harvested . Rice is not grown and left unharvested to flood like corn . If you flood a corn field it should be harvested like other crops . I have hunted during the 70’s and 80’s and we had plenty of mallards back then and there was some warm years mixed in and there were still mallards . a duck that has unlimited food source is not going to find another food source . Sort of like a fisherman is not going to leave fish to find fish , just saying !

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