The meat eater by David Hart June 4, 2019

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  1. Steve Lindsey says:

    After watching the presentation made by Mark Merchant on Part 1 of Where are the ducks?, my aching question about the changes of the migration pattern had been answered. I am so convinced, I emailed both the Arkansas senators, my congressman, and the Attorney General of Arkansas, Leslie Rutledge. If we can get enough of a groundswell going, maybe a change will come of it.

  2. Paul Harris says:

    I agree with you 100%. Part 1 “Where are the ducks”, is an extremely eye opening presentation. The data presented is truly compelling. I will follow your lead and contact my senators and attorney general as well. Here in east Texas where I hunt, we have seen the duck number virtually evaporate to nothing and we have fantastic habitat on a DU engineered series of flooded ponds and wetlands with great feed. We just don’t have any ducks anymore.

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